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A war is fought in the North of Middle-earth, led by the orcs of Mount Gundabad. The Northmen start their march towards the Shire with the help of the woodland elves led by Gil-galad and his family. Meanwhile, Saruman, at the command of Sauron, brings out his army of the Marauders from the West. Gollum and Bilbo sneak out of the dungeons of Dol Guldur to warn Frodo and his friends of the imminent arrival of Saruman's forces, but Gollum is captured by the orcs. Gandalf and the dwarves of the fellowship along with their allies from the Shire and North, fight the orc forces of Gundabad, while Bilbo hides under the tables of Rivendell in fear of being taken back to Saruman. Meanwhile, a free Gollum, now driven to greed by Bilbo's new ring, wants to take it for himself. He gets help from his new friends, Sméagol, who wants to take it for himself, and the orcs of Mount Gundabad. They get help from the wargs in the pack of the Nazgûl and from a solitary dark wizard, Sauron. In the end, Gollum steals the ring, and the orcs of Gundabad and Saruman catch him, and eat him. The Nazgûl are revealed to be one of the White Council, and Sméagol is killed by one of the Council to spare him pain at the revelation. Gandalf uses the power of the Ring to destroy the orc army of Gundabad. A message from Frodo reaches him, and they set off to destroy the ring of the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord himself is defeated, and Bilbo escapes with Frodo and Sam to safety. Continuity This novel fills in many narrative gaps that appeared in The Hobbit, but it also introduces some new elements that will be used in later books. The presentation of Gollum is expanded and fleshed out, but his first appearance is not mentioned in Tolkien's earlier writings. The importance of the Ring to Bilbo and Frodo's story is emphasized, with Sam's comment on the dangers of the Ring, and Gandalf's note of the ring's corrupting influence. Bilbo's changes as a character since The Hobbit are further explored, and the Shire's journey into the "Outside" is re-established. Concept and creation This book




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Seigneur Des Anneaux 2 720p aureng

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