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All of the history I have read. I have been able to understand and predict, to some degree of accuracy, what the next step will be in this nation. Although I do not give much creedance to Social Scientists, I have to say that Charles Murray in his book, Coming Apart, has nailed it. Jess Weber who has put this site together has an instinct for capturing the very essence of "America's" people. I believe that his videos may prove to be of great value for future historians. Would the capturing of native Americans be of significance. Would the disappearance of a small tribe of people affect our society? Possibly. Newton stated in his 3rd Law of Motion, For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Probably. How will the relationships between men and women change sociologically, physically, sexually, psychologically, theologically, economically, legally, and philosophically? Have computer programs changed the very nature of the instinctive drive within man? How have the professions of medicine and law been abrogated? Will the theory of money change? Has the invisible hand of Adam Smith disappeared? Did Sam Walton cause the change in business or did we change when our steel mills closed down and adopted Sam Walton's philosophy of cheap, cheaper, cheapest at any price? Should a corporation be dissolved if the members of the Boards of Directors feel that more money can be accumulated by practicing usury instead of profiting from the goods that the company's reputation was orginally based? Should we have considered our workers in our pursuit of consumption goods? Will the theory of law change? Will our world become one global community? If we are to become one global community, who will rule, or lead, this world? Has texting changed our ability to effectively communicate? Will we continue to reduce the number of words in our lexicon based upon the number of syllables of a word? Was Alvin Toeffler correct afterall? Will the very nature of learning be at the discretion of the student? Will we accept a government's dictate to have neurological implants to increase intelligence? Did the mantra of Timothy Leary actually prevail? Was the ideological cleansing of the military accomplished in February 2021? Has the "blizzard" of drugs into this nation changed the fundamental nature of this society? Are we entering another Dark Age? Has anybody seen God lately? Hunter S. Thompson... "When the going gets weird, the Weird turn pro." And remember.... "If you have to have an emergency surgery, don't worry. If the surgeon doesn't kill you, the anesthesiologist will."


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